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Action Army

Action Army OEM AAP-01 Grip Stippled - Micro Tri-Hard

Action Army OEM AAP-01 Grip Stippled - Micro Tri-Hard

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OEM Acton Army AAP-01 grip frame that has been custom stippled.

-Custom Rogue Capa stippling done to frame. 

-Give your AAP-01 a unique look.

-Better grip for your airsoft replica.

-Stock frame. Virtually no fitment issues. 

-Design and stippling may vary slightly from pictures as it is a hand done item.

-Please allow up to 2 weeks for your item to be shipped out.  All orders are done as soon as possible.  Stippled frames will not but rushed to insure the best quality stippling. 


-Installation by an airsoft tech highly recommended. Wil not be liable for damage done to frame because of improper installation.




Polymer/High Strength Plastic

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-If your trying to get one internationaly please use the "Contact" page to send us an e-mail so we can see if it is possible to get one shipped to you.

No returns. All Sales Final

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Rogue Capa Custom Stippling

"Black & Silver DVC Limited 5.1 Hi-Capa with Leaf Hurricane Stipple"

Rogue Capa is is here to give your Hi-Capa that unique look that you have been looking for as well as have it provide you with better grip for your airsoft sidearm.