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Rogue Capa

Mask Lens Decal - Rogue Capa Stippling

Mask Lens Decal - Rogue Capa Stippling

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Want to add that extra pop to your mask? Look no further than Rogue Capa Decals.

-Easy application on to your mask or any other surface you wish to attach it to.

-Give your mask that extra flare. 

Size: "4.25 inches x 0.50 inches (Approx)

WARNING. Be extremely careful when applying your sticker. Adhesive is very sticky to insure the sticker stays well on your mask. YOU HAVE ONE SHOT TO GET IT RIGHT.

Instructions for applying:

-Clean the area where you wish to apply your sticker well (Use of rubbing alcohol  to clean area recommended .)

- Use micro Fiber cloth to remove any debris before applying.

-Peel sticker slowly from white backing to insure none of he letters stay on the backing.

-Once sticker is applied to where you want it, use the micro fiber cloth to press down on the sticker to make sure it sticks well.

-Slowly peel off clear side while making sure the letters stay in place.

-Final step. Rock that awesome sticker!




Polymer/High Strength Plastic

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Rogue Capa Custom Stippling

"Black & Silver DVC Limited 5.1 Hi-Capa with Leaf Hurricane Stipple"

Rogue Capa is is here to give your Hi-Capa that unique look that you have been looking for as well as have it provide you with better grip for your airsoft sidearm.